A herbal liver tonic for varioius liver disorders. It regularises bile secretions, repairing and rejuvenating liver cells, improves liver detoxification, metabolism and digestion.
Key Ingredients
Amla- Richest source of Vitamin-'C' (useful in joundice)
Punarnawa-Appetiser, diuretic, stimulates emptying of gall bladder and helps in releiving gall bladder pain.
Katki- Appetiser, Liver stimulant, useful in epedemic joundice.
Gilo- Useful in hyper accidity, colitis,, abdominal pain, womiting and hepatitis.
Chirata- Lever protectant, strenghten stomach, helps in indigestion and bloating.
Bhangra- Strong Anti-hepatotoxic agent, for symtomatic relief in epigastric pain, nausea, and womiting
Tukhme kasoos- Carminative, anodyne, useful in constipation, flatulence and bilious affections
Makoh- Cures swelling of liver, stomach and intestine.
Sarphoka- Helps in indigestion and constipation.
Amaltas- Hepatoprotective in joundice.
Kasni- Useful in obstruction or torpor of liver, checks bilious enlargement


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