Dolovon is a time tested formula for Rheumatoid Arthritis and along with Dolovon Oil, the combination takes care of different types of acute and chronic pain conditions of joints.
Guggul - For joint pain and arthritis.
Tinospora cordifolia - Helps in Gout and inflammation.
Sonth - Helps in osteo arthritis, reduces and inflammation and pain.
Nirgundi - Reduces swelling of joints and inflammation.
Nagarmotha - Reduces symptoms of arthritis by regulating mediation of pain and inflammation.
Shilajit - Helps in joint pain and arthritis, rejuvenates the joint. promotes comfortable movements of joint and muscles.
Beejband - Anti-inflammatory properties useful in inflammatory conditions and joint pain. It sedates excited nerves.


SifaKoff is a non-sedating cold and cough releiver with goodness of Mulethi for chronic cough and acute chronic bronchitis, while Tulsi provides releif in allergic bronchitis and esinophillia..
Arusa- Bronchial anti-septic, broncho dilator and expectorant.
Mulethi- For chronic cough, asthama, acute and chronic bronchitis.
Tulsi- For allergic bronchitis and eosinophillia.
Adhrak- For sore throat.
Banafsha- For smasmodic cough and breathing problems.
Zoofa- Expectorant, Anti-Viral, good in repiratory conditions of influenza & sinus infections.


  • Increases libido and stamina.
  • Gives greater control over erection and ejaculation.
  • Gives stronger climax and orgasm.
  • 100 % herbal formula.
  • No side effects.
  • Helps in improving the quality of life.

HERBOBIL is a MALE HEALTH NOURISHMENT to soleve problem of man's health including male organ size by improving blood supply to Corpora-Cavmosa. It provides necessary nourishment to improve energy levels, mood. Thus giving that extra pleasure required.
Safed Musli - Promotes semen production, stimulant diaphoretic..
Withani Somnifera - Aphrodisic, rejuvenative and helps to adept to stress conditions.
Aspargus Racemosus- Laxative, helps overcome anemeia.
Mucuna Pruriens - Aphrodisic, increases sex hormone - Testosterone level, thus a sexcual stimulant.
Orchis Latifolia - Nerve Tonic.
Blepharis Edulis - Aphrodisic, stimulant.
Myristica Fragrance - Stops pre-mature ejaculation.
Asphaltum - Nerve tonic

Pen Rock capsules are the male herbal aphrodisiac that offers natural herbs to overcome the problem of male erectile dysfunction. For gaining erection the herbs in Pen rock nourish and improve blood supply to corpora cavernosa thereby providing strength to penis.This unique formulation of exotic and potent herbs improve energy levels and mood thus giving that extra pleasure. several body parts work in complete coordination, and an issue in any of parts makes it difficult for gaining as well as maintaining erection. The herbal capsules that act as Ayurvedic aphrodisiac and supports people in overcoming Male health problems as well as providing guaranteed satisfaction.

SifalivA herbal liver tonic for varioius liver disorders. It regularises bile secretions, repairing and rejuvenating liver cells, improves liver detoxification, metabolism and digestion.
Key Ingredients Amla- Richest source of Vitamin-'C' (useful in joundice)
Punarnawa-Appetiser, diuretic, stimulates emptying of gall bladder and helps in releiving gall bladder pain.
Katki- Appetiser, Liver stimulant, useful in epedemic joundice.
Gilo- Useful in hyper accidity, colitis,, abdominal pain, womiting and hepatitis.
Chirata- Lever protectant, strenghten stomach, helps in indigestion and bloating.
Bhangra- Strong Anti-hepatotoxic agent, for symtomatic relief in epigastric pain, nausea, and womiting
Tukhme kasoos- Carminative, anodyne, useful in constipation, flatulence and bilious affections
Makoh- Cures swelling of liver, stomach and intestine.
Sarphoka- Helps in indigestion and constipation.
Amaltas- Hepatoprotective in joundice.
Kasni- Useful in obstruction or torpor of liver, checks bilious enlargement

UTERIGYN SYRUPA specially desinged formula to provide relif in cyclic disorders from menarche to menopause. It exerts anti-inflammatory, sedative, tranqulising, anti-spasmotic and immuno modulatory properties which makes it a safe drug of choice in various menstrual disorders.
Key Ingredients
Loth Pathani-Specific action in uterine, vaginal and mestrual disorders including Leucorrhea and Menorrhagia
Satavar-Aphrodiasic, dicreases libido and threatened miscarriage.
Asgand-Useful in Leucorrhea, gives vitality and vigour for better endurance
Balchar-Combats stress and Insomania and is a nervine tonic.
Abhal-Useful in flatulence, kidney and bladder disorders and urinary disinfections.
Guledhak-Astringent, useful in gonorrhea and dysura.
Arjun chaal- Astringent & haemotatic and releives leucorrhea & excessive menstural bleeding.
Gokh Khurd-Nerve tonic, irregular menstural cycle.
Majeeth- bdominal utrine bleeding.


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