A specially desinged formula to provide relif in cyclic disorders from menarche to menopause. It exerts anti-inflammatory, sedative, tranquilizing, anti-spasmotic and immuno modulatory properties which makes it a safe drug of choice in various menstrual disorders.

Key Ingredients
Loth Pathani-Specific action in uterine, vaginal and mestrual disorders including Leucorrhea and Menorrhagia
Satavar-Aphrodiasic, dicreases libido and threatened miscarriage.
Asgand-Useful in Leucorrhea, gives vitality and vigour for better endurance
Balchar-Combats stress and Insomania and is a nervine tonic.
Abhal-Useful in flatulence, kidney and bladder disorders and urinary disinfections.
Guledhak-Astringent, useful in gonorrhea and dysura.
Arjun chaal- Astringent & haemotatic and releives leucorrhea & excessive menstural bleeding.
Gokh Khurd-Nerve tonic, irregular menstural cycle.
Majeeth- bdominal utrine bleeding.


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